Thursday, 19 April 2012

New Peaking Lights

Peaking Lights' new album, Lucifer, is out in June, Peaking Lights are playing at XOYO with Julia Holter in June. June is going to be a very excellent month.
LO HI by Peaking Lights

Friday, 13 April 2012


One record that has really taken me by surprise  is Traxman - Da Mind of Traxman, out on Planet Mu. As footwork albums go, this is a really complete, well crafted album. There are classic footwork records such as 'Calling the Freaks' and 'Going Wild' featuring Rashad and AG, but due to Traxman's House and Hip Hop influences, there are some real delights when these are combined. 'Work Me 2011' is an example of this combination. A glitchy piano smoothes out into a hiphop sounding piano sample with clarity (when the album is released this will definitely be on the blog). I recently heard 'Robot', a deconstructed 70s synth sounding record plied through the Footwork ideology, which serves to further my belief that this is a completely successful and proper Footwork album.

 Traxman - 1988

Wayne County Hills Cops

This is a post I have been meaning to put up for ages, simply because it's so brilliant. It's Omar S again at his best, producing a sprawling seven minute detroit house wonder. With the title referencing 80s cop films, this is where the aesthetic of this record lies.

Omar S is playing a few shows at the end of April including a Hyperdub night featuring Kode 9, Cooly G, ILL BLU and more.

Omar S - Wayne County Hills Cops Part 2

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Fun

Hudson Mohawke reworks Battles' ''Rolls Bayce'', from an experimental industrial medley, into a joyous, convivial record, which will definitely lift up your spirits on a cold, rainy easter weekend. Enjoy....

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Lil Ugly Man

I first heard this song 'Twistin' by Lil Ugly Mane from a tweet by the artist Lone. Then when looking further into the rapper, I remembered I had heard him before on a SpaceGhostPurrp mixtape. Without sounding too much like Spaceghost musically, he does have a similar overall aesthetic. But I guess if SGP is getting signed to 4AD then Lil Ugly Mane is on the right path.

Laurel Halo Signs to Hyperdub

Continuing the 'who got signed' theme, Laurel Halo has signed to Hyperdub. This is another hugely interesting signing, as her experimental explorations in techno is not something usually associated with Hyperdub's darker take on Base music.
Halo described the above album artwork, ''I love that it’s brutal and violent but colourful and slow to sink in. I find it super humorous, just how fun these girls are daggering themselves and letting their intestines hang out!” (via Fact) Its an amazing piece of art, for an album guaranteed to be a success. 
Quarantine will be out 28th May.

Games - Strawberry Fields featuring Laurel Halo

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

SpaceGhostPurrp signs to 4AD

Last week ended with the news that 4AD have signed the mortal kombat loving Spaceghostpurrp. It’s a bit of coup really as he is easily one of the most exciting and unique MCs/Producers coming out of America, with tracks like Mystical Maze, Low MF Key, as well as the killer production on ASAP’s Pretty Flacko.   It is also a really interesting move for 4AD who aren’t known for their Hiphop signings. Chronicles is out on 4th June and will feature tracks from his mixtapes, re-mastered and with new lyrics. 

Here is an edited version of No Evidence which will feature on the album.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Howse - VBS

If you weren't already aware, footwork is very much the sound of now. Fortunately for me, I can't get enough of the stuff. Here is great footwork inspired record from Howse, who recently signed to Tri-Angle Records. His EP will be be out on the 28th May.

Howse - VBS


Fort Romeau has just released  his debut album, 'Kingdoms', on the brilliant 100% Silk. Fort Romeau's music is actually quite unusual for 100% Silk because his interpretation of house music is entirely suitable for the dance floor. The issue on club suitability is quite a common/boring argument on the web. Lots of dance purist seem to hate this play on nostalgic tinged house/techno music: 100% Silk is at the forefront of this. On this blog, however, you will only hear approving words on the side of 100% Silk, with artists such as Maria Minerva and more recently Ital.

SW9 is not on 'Kingdoms' but it features all the joyous, playful synths and bouncy house beats that is typical of Fort Romeau. (100% Silk will be touring in June)

Fort Romeau - SW9

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The New Clams Casino

Really enjoying the new Clams Casino instrumental, a remix of a Big K.R.I.T song titled Moon & Stars. The production is nothing like anything I have heard from Clams before. His atmospheric, emotive hip hop has been replaced by a jazzier, soulful, 90s hiphop styled record, more in the mould of a Peanut Butter Wolf beat. It is a song I definitely did not expect from Clams Casino, but I like his new direction. The man can do no wrong.

Clams Casino - Moon & Stars Remix

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Last Week was a Bad Week

Last week was a frustrating week on the music front: there was nothing worth blogging about. I am very much unemployed and have a lot of free time, so when I say nothing really got my music taste buds budging, then last week was a bad week in music. In an despairing attempt to get something up on the blog, I started going through my Ipod to create tenuous links between old songs and relevant news…….

Ital has just released an album on Planet Mu, 'Hive Mind'.  I just so happen to have a great Ital song from last year titled Culture Clubs. It's a house tune that fits in with the popular trend of making nostaligic dance music, but unlike other songs of this ilk, Culture Clubs could easily be played in a club. It’s a great song and well worth the eight minutes spent listening to it. 

Ital’s Culture Clubs bares the fruits of all my labor for last week; you’d better enjoy it. (bring on next week) 

Ital - Culture Clubs

Monday, 12 March 2012

Purple Swag Bootleg

Jim -E-Stack - Purple Swag Bootleg

Monday, 5 March 2012

ArtistS of the Week

Two artists that have really caught my attention recently are the Dutch producer 2562 and the Moscow born, Brooklyn resident, Slava.

Slava is releasing 'Soft Control' on Software, Dan Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) and Joel Ford's label. Slava makes highly emotive, footwork inspired dance music. A good starting point for Slava would be 'I Had' which features his trademark syncopated beats, punched through a delicate layer of evolving synths sounds. There is also a slight hint of southern rap, African and Middle Eastern influences.

2562 also shows his world influences but these are completely engrained within the record. His new EP 'Air Jordan' followers his experiences in sound, gained while travelling through Jordan. Jerash Hekwerken (released today, the EP is out on 26th March) is made up of field recordings, child noises and mosque calling-to-prays,  and a scratchy beat, equating to a haunting but beautiful record.

Both artist's music have a deeply layered soundscapes but are able to keep a feeling of minimalism due to the quality of the samples and the beats. The tracks never feel too overloaded even though so much is going on.

Grimes - Oblivion

Just had to put the new video from Grimes up, it is Grimes after all. She is playing in London on 9th May at XOYO. Get your tickets here